Sunday, May 9, 2010

World Travel with Lonely Planet

A few months ago my blog was selected by Lonely Planet’s Blogsherpa program.  It’s a hand picked list of travel bloggers whose posts are linked to world travel content on Lonely Planet’s site.  If you go to LP’s info on Gabon, post’s from my blog are syndicated into their content.  Pretty cool, maybe I’ll get a book dealJ

I have been working with many of my new World Traveler friends and linking our sites with each other.  We have also aggregated our links to a single to a page on Squidoo.  If you are interested in traveling the world, or just wondering what life is like traveling in different parts of the world, please check out this World Travel link.

There are roughly 50 bloggers in the program from all around the world with some really interesting articles (including mine).


  1. My girls and I have enjoyed looking through your blog. We sent boxes of Christmas goodies back in November to go to two little girls somewhere in the world through Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. We found out our boxes went to Gabon. Today we got a letter back from one of the children. We used an online translator and got the jist of her letter. She lives in Libreville and goes to The Mission of Galilee, so we have been searching the net for info. We had no idea where the boxes would go, so we packed a pair of gloves and a winter hat. Guess that was kind of useless!

  2. Thank you very much Kelly. I'm sure they enjoyed whatever you were able to send. I have had to send back children's books in English:)