Friday, May 21, 2010

Travel Safely

If you plan on traveling abroad, and you expect to take the road less traveled, then you should consider some of the following tips on traveling safely.

A group of Lonely Planet bloggers are sharing their insights on traveling safely from different points around the globe and this is my inclusion.

Instead of writing about the dangers of malaria or a run-in the local Gendarme in Gabon, the following are just some basic tips from me as a New Yorker…

You don’t seriously keep money in your wallet, do you? Then you probably keep all of your money in there, and every single one of your credit cards with you as well, huh?  Well what happens if you're robbed on the road?

Keep two pockets of money.  In one pocket is the cash that you’d give up if you were robbed; in the other pocket is what you’ll use on the rest of your trip.

Keep at least one credit card separate from the rest.  In my third world country, there is no American Express office (or fed-ex, or ups or even a bank that speaks English), so a replacement card is not easy to achieve.  If you are robbed, you are literally shit out of luck.

While you’re at it, leave your passport locked away in your room.  Carry a photocopy of the information page and your travel visa with you – stolen passports are big money.

American citizens traveling abroad are encouraged by the State Department to register with the Embassy at their location.  This allows the Embassy to know the number and location of US citizens should an emergency occur.  There is an internet based registration service, but I would recommend that you go visit the Embassy in person…if you speak up and smile, you may get invited to a party or event during your stay in-country and then you'll have the chance to meet some interesting people.

For country specific travel information, including the location of the US embassy, unusual immigration policies, entry regulations, crime and security info, etc.; the following gov travelsite is very helpful.

See what some of the other Lonely Planet bloggers are sharing about traveling safely around the world.

Happy Travels!

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