Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Lazy Sunday on the Beach in Gabon

Went to the beach on Sunday with the Lieutenant Colonel - I put that in for effect, so you don’t forget the community that I live with - did it work?

We just went close by in Sabliere, the neighborhood where we live.  It’s been hot here, it’s always hot here, but it’s been hotter than usual.  The heat index has 104 Fahrenheit everyday, but it’s cooler on the beach because of the constant breeze off the ocean.

Walls surround the compound where we live, like all properties in Sabliere, so you don’t get the effect of the wind to cool you down when you’re outside.

I realize how much I love the beach, I always have.  Despite any issues or complaints here with infrastructure or traffic or pollution, the shoreline in Gabon can be very beautiful.  The water is always warm and the bottom is always sandy.  And since we're on the west coast of the continent, we get to watch beautiful sunsets everyday...the Hampton's are nice, but the one thing you can't buy is a sunset.  

The eco-tourism developer who finally decides to invest in Gabon must market the fact that thick, green jungles are in such close proximity to wild, sandy beaches…and most of it relatively untouched.  I think people wouldn’t mind the travel distance if they knew that they would get the opportunity to explore elephants and other wildlife in a very bio-diverse jungle and then be able to have a cocktail on the beach to watch the sunset?... especially with everything such a short distance from the city.

Unfortunately, until those investors come, there aren’t too many places to relax and get a drink on the beach here.  Fortunately, there is one right down the street in our neighborhood.  It is aptly named the Sunset Beach Hotel.  It's always quiet and because we come here often, we really don’t even have to order.  When he sees us, the single waiter comes by to make sure we are on board – “un petite Castel monsieur?” “Oui, merci”.  I like to think he remembers us because we’re pleasant and we smile hello, but it’s probably because Americans are the only people in the country who tip the wait staff.

Just another lazy Sunday on the Beach in Gabon.

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