Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Few Pictures from Libreville

It was a beautiful day on Friday, even though we didn’t have internet; sunny, low”er” humidity, a high sky and a light breeze.  It’s amazing what a different mindset you get when it’s not stifling…you can easily forget about the negatives (like corruption, the pathetic lack of infrastructure for an oil rich country, limited work ethic, traffic, pollution, military stops, unreasonable cost of living, etc.) and focus on just how lucky I am to be here and experience all the positives…the ocean, the smiles, the sun and the sky.

I went for a drive to go food shopping and I couldn’t help but just snap pictures while I drove, which of course is not illegal if no one sees you do it (everyone is a spy to the local military - several friends have been brought in to delete pictures in front of an officer). 

A little afternoon traffic
Schoolgirls in blue
Lots of unfinished construction in Libreville
My favorite veggie market

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